The Capercaillie - Country house

It discovers the Capercaillie Country house.
Your terrace of summer and your refuge of winter

In privileged natural surroundings: next to the lake of the Country house, we were an ample pavilion dedicated to the hotel trade, presided over by a central grill, around which it turns all the building; an authentic refuge of winter where to share good moments.

YOUR TERRACE OF SUMMER AND YOUR REFUGE OF WINTER. The restaurant has the conditionned premises with a hall with capacity to 65 companions at table. All this is completed with a terrace of watchmen (opened all the year), a bower with capacity for 200 people and a gratuitous parking for more than 400 vehicles, thus offering, a greater comfort.

The ample schedule from the 8,30 a.m. that we began with the breakfasts, happening through the appetizer in bar or our barrels (with spectacular views and privileged surroundings), daily meal of the day, ample and assorted letter, with fresh fish of the day and the point of our meat, makes of our premises a place of perfect encounter, the excuse we can choose it to the taste to enjoy a nice stay, our equipment will be in charge of which you wish to return soon by his professionalism, kindness and affection.

Our Facilities

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