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New opening. The Majadahonda Capercaillie.

We are enchanted of being able to announce to you that we finished opening a new Capercaillie. In this Majadahonda occasion it has been the chosen location and after much work the new restaurant Majadahonda Capercaillie has opened its doors. In this restaurant we continued with the identity signs that have turned to our brand into a referring one of the sector of the restoration into Madrid.

The premises with a design taken care of until the last detail

We have wanted to take care of the decoration until the minimum detail in this new restaurant, in this page you can see the gallery of photos with a selection of images of our facilities. It is the cosy premises with an interior design very worked with aesthetic in blue tonalities and a predominance of wood in the coating of the walls. Account with a zone of bar and I peck in addition to the space dedicated to the food proper. We can deliver an attack to describe it but the best idea is than you come to discover it.

A letter thought for the most demanding palates

We continue with our bet by always realised traditional plates of our gastonom­a with ingredients of first quality. Our letter is composed by an assortment of the best meats and fish, as well as of stews based on traditional and homemade prescriptions. Finally comletamos our letter with a selection of desserts, tostas, plates of I peck and an extensive supply of wines between which we included brands of the great prestige of the main warehouses and denominacines of origin of our country.

If still you do not know our new restaurant Majdahonda Capercaillie, it does not hope more to come to know it. We hoped to you.

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