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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Hamburger of Wagyu (250gr) with foie. Incredible!

    You have proven sometimes the meat of the Wagyu Calf, in the Restaurants the Capercaillie we prepared it of different ways being the hamburger one of which more acceptance has between our public. Our hamburger of 250gr of Wagyu with foie is one delicatessen thought for the lovers of the meat who without a doubt will know to appreciate the intense flavor of this type of calf that€¦

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    New opening. The Majadahonda Capercaillie.

      We are enchanted of being able to announce to you that we finished opening a new Capercaillie. In this Majadahonda occasion it has been the chosen location and after much work the new restaurant Majadahonda Capercaillie has opened its doors. In this restaurant we continued with the identity signs that have turned to our brand into a referring one of the sector of the restoration into Madrid. The premises with a well-taken care of design€¦

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