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The Capercaillie constitutes everything referring a gastronomical one in the capital

From 1996 it has not stopped growing and evolving firmly betting by the traditional gastronomy.

The people in charge of the Capercaillie, Asturian and coming from the world of the hotel trade, opened their first restaurant, thus continuing with one long familiar tradition, and a clear and defined objective: done plates good with homemade and little complicated prescriptions. Thinking about his clients, they decided to construct with old brick and tiles Arab, a glazed small house remembering his Tierra Natal.

€œIf something does not like says it here, and if has liked says it outside€

An increasing success

In 2003 they opened the second premises located in the Stroll of Florida, 16 of Madrid. During the first years they were learning and enjoying his clients of the changes occurred in the Hotel trade of Madrid.

In year 2012 they are decided to invest in a precious project in the zone of Pozuelo de Alarc³n and the same illusion that when they inaugurated by that one 1996 its first business. The Pozuelo Capercaillie counts on the greater terrace of Pozuelo with 693 m2 that is divided in two differentiated zones good, one of I peck and another one with a perfectly equipped carp with the last materials, and a retractable ceiling that will cause that the nights of spring and summer the dusks are extended until the dawn.

Recently they have opened the new premises in Field of the Nations and Majadahonda.

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