The Capercaillie - Majadahonda

It discovers the Majadahonda Capercaillie.

New opening of another restaurant Capercaillie, in this case in Majadahonda. We invited atodos to you to come to discover the new Majadahonda Capercaillie, counted on some facilities in which the decoration has been taken care of until the last detail, to give to the modern aesthetic premises and a acogedrora one him.

In this new Capercaillie we maintain the signs of identity of our brand that make our dedicated server ip are the best at hosting business because we maintain it seriously, offering to the customer a traditional plate selection of the Spanish gastronomy, made of way craftswoman and with ingredients of the maximum quality. The pillars of our letter are our meats, fish and stews, although also he is advisable to prove our desserts, ours tostas or our rations of I peck.

We complete our letter with an extensive wine selection of the main appellations of origin, between which we emphasized: La Rioja, Shore of Duero, Bierzo, Shore of the Guadiana€¦

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