Welcome to the webpage of the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. This webpage intends to generally facilitate to the public the information regarding the services and products of the restaurants the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

The present dispositions intend regular the access and the navigation of this webpage that the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY puts at the disposal of the users of Internet.


The CAPERCAILLIE PEL“N, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with C.I.F. B81488108, has its head office in 28008 €“ Madrid, in the Stroll of Florida, 16, and is enrolled in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, 10257 VOLUME 188 FOLIO 8 SECTION M163438 LEAF


[3,1] the visitors of this website, who have the consideration of users of the same, will find in him information related to the type of activity, products and services that we realised.

[3,2] the information and the materials including in the Web has been obtained from sources considered as trustworthy. Nevertheless, in spite of to have taken reasonable precautions and measures to assure the reliability the information, is not guaranteed that this one is exact, completes, and/or updated. Consequently, we declined any responsibility by the omission of information or the publication of appeared erroneous information in this Web.

[3,3] the information exhibited and/or facilitated by this Web must have the consideration, on the part of the user, of general information, without it means that such information can be considered as determining element for the decision making on the part of the user of the website, reason why we declined all responsibility derived from the lack of verification of the same, and of specific form it has to be understood that this information, submissive the effective norm in Spain, does not go destined to those users who act under other jurisdictions of States that demand the fulfillment of requirements different for the putting from disposition, spreading or publicity of services regarding the activities and/or publicized services in this Web.

[3,4] As lenders of services of the society of the information, we reserved the right to even update, to modify or to eliminate the information contained in this Web, being able to limit or not to allow the access to this information, without previous warning. Especially, it is reserved the right to eliminate, to limit or to prevent the access to the Web when technical difficulties by facts or other people's circumstances that arise, to our criterion, they diminish or they annul the adopted levels of standard security for the suitable operation of this Web.

[3,5] As lenders, we could at any time establish legal technical procedures to obtain anonymous data about his visitors, which would mean, in any case, that this information could not in no way be associated a concrete and identified user. This type of procedures conserves data as the name of domain of the supplier that gives access to the network to the user, the date and hour of access to our Web, the Internet address from which he divided the link or connection that directs to our Web, the number of daily visitors of each section, and data of analogous nature. The aim of the data and collected is statistical, of such form that allows us to acquire a greater knowledge on the activity of the visitors of the Web, for the sake of improving the same and/or increasing its presence online.

[3,6] in our Web we used analytical cookies, whose purpose is to quantify the number of visitors and statistically to analyze the use that the users do of our services. Thanks to it we can study navigation by our webpage and improve therefore the supply of products or services that we offer to him.

Through these cookies we do not obtain data of personal character as his name, last names, email address or postcard. The information that we obtain is regarding the number of users who accede to the Web, the number of seen pages, the frequency and repetition of the visits, its duration, the navigator that use, the operator that serve to him of access to Internet, its language, the used device to visualize our Web or the city to which its direction IP is assigned.

In our Web we used Google Analytics, a service of analytical Web developed by Google, that serves of measurement and analysis of navigation in our webpage. Google can use the data to improve its services and to offer services to other companies.

[3,7] the users, at any time, could deactivate the procedures of alluded to obtaining of information in previous the expositivo point by means of the modification of the parameters of configuration of their navigator. However, the previous thing, the decontamination to which is alluded to here does not affect or interferes in the navigability of the users in our Web.

[3,8] the way to deshabilitar the cookies in the main navigators is the following one:

  1. Internet Explorer: Tools  Options of Internet  Privacy  Configuration.
    For more information it can consult the support of Microsoft or the Help of the navigator
  2. Firefox: Tools  Options  Historial Privacy   Customized Configuration.
    For more information it can consult the support of Mozilla or the Help of the navigator.
  3. Chrome: configuration  Mostrar options outposts  Privacy  Configuration of content.
    For more information it can consult the support of Google or the Help of the navigator.
  4. Safari: Preferences  Security.
    For more information it can consult the support of Apple or the Help of the Navigator.

[3,9] the user authorizes to us it unequivocally express and to obtain and to treat the data that is generated as a result of the use of this Web, with the only purpose of offering a more customized and efficient navigation to him, as well as to be able to send commercial communications to him, for which we will successfully obtain its consent specifically.


[4,1] As lenders, we declined any responsibility with respect to the information exhibited in this Web, coming from other people's sources, as well as of the contents that we have not elaborated.

[4,2] the function of the connections (links) that appear or could appear in this Web is unique and exclusively the one to inform to the usuary one on the existence of other sources of intelligence on the matter in Internet, where it will be able to extend the data offered in this Web. Therefore, we will not be, in any case, people in charge of the obtained result of the access to these connections or links.

[4,3] In no case we will be responsible for the losses, the damages or the damages of any nature that could arise by the access and/or use from this Web, which includes produced in computer science systems or caused by virus or the illicit activities of hackers (hackers).

Also, we will not either be responsible for the damages that could undergo the users by an inadequate use of this Web and, in no way, of the falls, interruptions, absence or defect in the telecommunications.

[4,4] As lenders, we did not take responsibility in no way of the possible discrepancies that could electronically arise between the version from their printed documents and the electronic version from the same published in their webpages or obtained from this Web.


With the purpose of to guard by the confidentiality and integrity of the information of the users of our webpage, we informed to them on our policy of up-to-date privacy, in relation to the collection, treatment and protection of the personal character data that our users facilitate by means of navigation through our website and the access to the forms that are in her.

Due to the importance that has the privacy and the protection of the personal data of our users, we have updated our levels of security, giving in this way fulfillment to Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 of April of 2016 regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the treatment of the personal data and to the free circulation of these data and by whom Directive 95/46/CE is revoked (General Regulation of Protection of Data, RGPD), as well as to Statutory law 3/2018, of 5 of December, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of the digital rights.

Therefore, the objective of the present legal policy and privacy for the protection of data, is to inform to our users about the person in charge of the treatment; of the data that are successfully obtained when sailing by our webpage and when acceding to forms that are contained in her; about the type and category of data that, by this means, are successfully obtained; of the exactitude and the veracity of such data; of the rights that the users have against the treatment of these data; and, of the adressees of the same.


The person in charge of the treatment of the picked up personal data by means of this webpage is the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, with CIF B81488108, head office in 28008 €“ Madrid, the Stroll of Florida, number 16, telephone (+34) 915262369 and email address

Also one inquires into which this mercantile one does not have the figure of the €œdelegate of protection of data€ when not concurring the legal obligations on the matter. It despite, any doubt or observation about its personal data as well as the exercise of its rights that are detailed ahead the more, can communicate using it the previous data of contact.


Nonidentifying data

With the mere visit and navigation through our Web identifying data do not take shelter automatically of our users. However, yes other data take shelter that do not allow to identify the user makes specific directly and, but which yes they could have the consideration of personal data, eg: directions of IP, type of navigator of Internet, approximated geographic location, among others data, that successfully obtain with aims of improvement and statistic as well as, if so and mediating the previous consent, the shipment of commercial communications, and which do not allow the direct identification of the user on the part of CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

Identifying data

Nevertheless, for the access to determined contents of our webpage, they are asked for and some identifying personal data of our users, who are adapted, pertinent and limited the necessary thing for the aims are successfully obtained for which they are gathered and for that they will be tried.

Within the webpage of the CAPERCAILLIE, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, the data are successfully obtained in the following sections:

  1. In the access to the information of each one of the restaurants, in the section €œReserve now€.
  2. The personal data that are successfully obtained in this area are, essentially, the name, last names, e-mail, telephone, information on intolerances or allergies, to manage the reserves. These data are successfully obtained with the purpose of to realise the reserves in our restaurants and, where appropriate, to manage the commentaries that by email electronic become, guaranteeing the security and the confidentiality of the data that are successfully obtained and the services that are offered, as well as to be able to inform to the user about the requests who realises when he asks for information on services, for the shipment of commercial communications or when he wishes to realise the procedure of own claims of the own services of the social object of the company.

In this Web its express consent for the treatment of the data provided by you as far as intolerances and allergies is successfully obtained, with the aim to provide the service to him of restoration in agreement with this information.

In the access to vacant positions in the section of the Web €œIt works with us€.
The personal data that are successfully obtained are full name, e-mail, national identity document, professional formation and professional experience, date of birth, phone number and address, to manage the use request. These data are successfully obtained with the purpose of to study the professional profile of the petitioner, being guaranteed the security and the confidentiality of the data that are successfully obtained and the services that are offered, as well as to be able to inform to the user of the development of the selection process.
In the previous cases, in which, by means of our webpage, identifying data are successfully obtained, it is facilitated, specifically to our users, information about the collection of his our personal data, our identity, character data of contact, the aims of the treatment to that the picked up personal data are destined, of his legal basis, of the adressees, the personal data; and, the express consent for the treatment of these data, and all this with the express acceptance of our policy of privacy is asked for.

In agreement with the General Regulation of Protection of Data, the personal data that are successfully obtained through our Web do not belong to the category of data especially protected, except the data regarding intolerances and allergies that yes belong to the category of data especially protected, which are successfully obtained, previous express consent of its holder, to realise reserves and in order to offer the most optimal service to our clients.


The user is the only person in charge of the veracity and correction of the facilitated data, reason why the users respond of the veracity and exactitude of the data that they facilitate and is committed to maintain updated them.

It is for that reason reason why we reserved the right to adopt all the reasonable measures so that those false or inexact data are suppressed or rectified without delay, notwithstanding the other actions that come according to Right.

The successfully obtained personal data in our webpage are dealed with allowed, loyal way and is transparent in relation to the interested one.

The aims for which they are successfully obtained, with their express consent, identifying personal data of our users, by means of our webpage are:

  1. Maintenance of the contractual or precontractual relation if so established with the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
  2. Management, administration, benefit, extension and improvement of the services that the User decides to contract.
  3. Adjustment of the services that loans to its preferences and needs.
  4. The study of the use of the services on the part of the Users.
  5. The design of new services related to these services, the shipment of updates of the services.
  6. The shipment, by traditional and electronic means, of, operative and commercial technical information about products and services offered by the CAPERCAILLIE PELON, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and/or by third parties, at the moment and in the future.
  7. To guarantee the security and the confidentiality of the services that we offer in our webpage.
  8. To transact requests and to respond to the incidences that our users raise, and, where appropriate, to realise improvements and to realise statistical studies by means of forms and surveys.

Consequently, the legal bases of the treatment of their data are: The consent, the contractual relation or precontractual proposal and the Law or laws that if so, affect to the relation.

Also we informed to him into that the data processing can also be based on the legitimate interests of this organization or some company in charge of the management of anyone of the restaurants, consisting of maintaining to him informed into the products and services that habitually we offer to our clients, and especially those that they update, reform, renew or are related of some form to which motivates the present data processing. The information we will facilitate it by conventional and electronic means (even e-mail or mobile phone). However, You will be able to be against at any time to this treatment, by the same route in which she received the information.

When acceding to anyone of the e-mails to contact with each one of the restaurants, the express consent of the user for the treatment of its personal data for the aim is asked for which they are successfully obtained with the express acceptance of the present policy of privacy. As well, the purpose of the collection and automated treatment of the Personal Data include or can also include the shipment of forms of surveys, that the User is not forced to answer but that is necessary to send, where appropriate, to maintain the standards of quality that offers CAPERCAILLIE PEL“N, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

In short, we informed to him into which the Person in charge of the Treatment does not elaborate profiles with his personal data nor has predicted the existence of automated decisions that can affect to them significantly or that they can produce legal effects.

Finally we informed to him into which if this organization, as responsible for the treatment will project a later treatment of the personal data for an aim that is not that one for which they took shelter, and of which now we have informed to him, we would communicate the pertinent information to him on that other aim prior to this later treatment.


We commit ourselves to deal with the personal data our users, being respected its confidentiality, in accordance with its purpose, adopting, for it, all the necessary measures for its protection, in agreement with the state of the technique, the categories of the picked up data and the risks to that they are set out the data.


In addition to this interested organization and the own one, the third parties will be adressees of the data treated that are related direct or indirectly with an suitable fulfillment about the contractual or legal obligations (suppliers, lenders of services, financial organizations, public administrations€¦) or with the legitimate interests to which we have talked about previously.

The person in charge of the treatment does not have intention to transfer the personal data to a third country. If so, the guarantees adapted in agreement with anticipated in Chapter V of the RGPD (the personal data transfers to third parties would be adopted international countries or organizations) and it would inquire into it to the affected one.


The data will be conserved during required time to fulfill the aims for which they were successfully obtained and for that they are tried. Passed that time, they will be conserved until the extinction of any type of responsibility, or legal, contractual or deontological.

Fulfilled the aims for which they were successfully obtained and extinguished all the responsibilities, the data will be eliminated safely.

In order to determine the required time of conservation of the data, it will be taken care of the nature of the data and the aims for which they were successfully obtained, as well as the norm that is from application at every moment.


Our users must right to exercise, at any time, the every one rights, with respect to the provided through our webpage, contemplated personal data in the General Regulation of Protection of data, that is to say:

To ask for the access to its personal data.

  1. To ask for the rectification of its personal data when they are inexact or to complement them when they are incomplete.
  2. To ask for the suppression (right to the forgetfulness) of its personal data when no longer they are necessary for the aims for which they took shelter; when the user retires its consent or is against to the treatment of its data without no legitimate reason so that prevails it is continued the treatment of the same; or when they must be suppressed in accordance with a legal obligation.

To ask for the limitation of the treatment of the personal data

  1. To ask for the portability of its data, that is to say, our users must right to receive the personal data that they have facilitated to us, in a structured format, and to transmit them to another person in charge of the treatment. In addition, the users have right, when therefore they ask for it, to that we transmit, directly, to another person in charge of the treatment, his personal data.
  2. To be against to that we continue the treatment of its personal data, unless urgent reasons legitimate so that the treatment prevails over this right of the interested one, or, unless exist such data are necessary for the formulation, the exercise or the defense of claims.
  3. To retire the consent at any time, without it affects to the legality of the treatment based on the previous consent to its retirement. In this sense, the retirement of the consent will affect essentially to the retirement of the consent for the commercial communications that we could send to him with base in the established thing previously. Also You will be able to be against to receive the mentioned communications at any time. For the rest of the aims of the treatment, the retirement of the consent will mean the loss of one of the bases of the treatment, having conserved itself the rest.
  4. To make a complaint before the Authority of Control, that in the case of the Kingdom of Spain, such competitions has assumed them SPANISH AGENCIA OF PROTECTION OF DATA (AEPD).

Any user can exercise his rights, in the terms anticipated in the Law, by means of written communication, crediting his identity, directed to or to the following mailing dress: 28008 €“ Madrid, in the Stroll of Florida, 16.


[6,1] the totality of this Web (texts, images, brands, logos, archives of audio, archives of software, combinations of colors, etc.), as well as the structure of their contents, is prot©g©s by the norm of Intellectual and Industrial Property, not being able to be object of operation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, cession or transformation or any other form of nonauthorized diffusion specifically by us, as lending and titular of the intellectual rights. Therefore, the access to this Web does not grant to the users any right nor ownership some on the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property of the contents of this Web.

[6,2] As titular of the intellectual rights of this Web, we reserved the possibility of exerting the legal actions that correspond against the users who violate or infringe the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property.


[7,1] the present general conditions will be in force previously by the alluded to Spanish legislation or any other not explicitly indicated, but of obligatory application. Therefore, the user of this Web resigns specifically to the charter that corresponds to him, being put under the Courts and Courts of Capital Madrid.


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